A bill in New York looks to update ‘antiquated’ alcohol laws (NPR)

Nonprofit in New York trains formerly incarcerated people to work in food industry (NPR)

Season 2 of Marvel’s ‘What if…?’ includes episode mostly in Mohawk language (NPR)

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Lost Fort Ontario opera to be performed again more than 75 years later (WRVO Public Media) **First Place for Syracuse Press Club Award for Human Interest Feature – awarded May 2023

‘How to Dance in Ohio’ makes world-premiere in Syracuse, centers on autistic characters (WRVO Public Media) **Second Place for Syracuse Press Club Award for Human Interest Feature – awarded May 2023

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For the first time, UNC renames two buildings in honor of notable people of color (Carolina Connection)


Cornell cancels classes following antisemitic threats (NPR)

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Total solar eclipse special coverage: Hour 1 (Here and Now)

Non narrative

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